Victoria Victrix

Real Name

  • Victoria Victrix Nagy

Code Name

  • Victoria Victrix
  • "VickyVee"


  • Echo (Special Status)
  • CCCP (Special Status)

MetaHuman Level

  • Mach 21

MetaHuman Abilities

  • Geomancy - Earth Manipulation

Additional Skills

  • Due to magical heritage Victoria has specialized Mystical Knowledge.
  • Technology/computer skills are currently unsurpassed
  • Techo-mancy
  • Romance writer


  • Once a Powerful Geomancer and Magician, recent events in her past have left Victoria a shell of her former self. Living alone with her familar a cat named, Greymalkin, Victroia makes a comfortable living as a romance novelist. Recent events has forced Victoria to face the world again. Whatever Happened to Victoria has left her with both physical and emotional scars. She has recently begun opening up to those around her, including Red Saviour and even begun a friendship with Belladonna Blue.

From SWC Website:

When your mother is a family tradition witch and your father is a werewolf and both are metas working for the FBI you see the business of being a working metahuman a bit differently. Named for a famous Roman Legion of the time of the Caesars, Vickie never doubted she would follow in her parents’ foosteps. She attended a very exclusive and secretive school that combined prep school and college…

But something happened in her last year that changed her from a confident and strong-willed young fighting mage to a reclusive and panic-attack ridden woman with mysterious scars from the neck to the soles.

She moved to Atlanta hoping to work for Echo, hoping that their trainers and experts would be able to cure her psychological problems if not the physical ones. Pre-invasion, they weren’t interested in someone so clearly damaged goods and rejected her application. She went into retreat into her apartment and began making a highly profitable living writing romance novels instead, sharing the apartment only with her familiar, a cat named Greymalkin and sees virtually no one. Most of her human contacts are via computer.

Misc. Information

  • Lives in the Peachtree Parks area of Atlanta, GA
  • First Appeared in S01, E01 Introduction, Prologue, and Atlanta Burning, Both as a Narrator and her personal account of the Invasion.
  • Occasionally breaks in as a Narrator
  • Currently housing Herbert
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