The Mountain


Real Name

  • Bill Travis


MetaHuman Level

  • Level 4

MetaHuman Abilities

  • 100ft Person made of living stone.


  • Driven to depression by his sudden and unexpected transformation and it's consequences, the Level 4 Meta known as the Mountain sought refuge by burrowing into the heart of Stone Mountain in Georgia through an old Civil War Memorial. He had stayed there until the Invasion, where he was brought into service my Ramona Ferrari. With his help, ECHO was able to repel the attack on their HQ, which allowed the bulk of the Metahumans to refocus their efforts on the Perimeter.
  • After the Invasion, the State of Georgia sought to have The Mountain executed due to the damage he caused on his way to ECHO HQ. They did this by issuing a decree that he had to leave Georgia, but couldn't set foot on any roads or lands to do so. At Ramona's urging, Spin Doctor put on a parade using hovercrafts to get The Mountain to Savannah, where he would go by Barge to a massive plot of land in Texas. However, during the last stretch, things took a tragic turn, and forced the Meta Human to take his own life by drowning off the coast of Georgia.

Misc Information

  • First appearance in S01, E07: Fading Echos
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