Red Saviour

Real Name

  • Natalya Nivolaevna Shostovich


MetaHuman Level

  • Unclassified (possible Mach 2)

MetaHuman Abilities

  • Energy manipuation
  • Flight
  • Energy projection
  • Limited super strength
  • Limited enhanced durability
  • able to sense/detect electronic transmissions.


  • With the world changing around her as communism slowly fades into history, Red Saviour is a product of her father's upbringing. Inheriting his legacy and politics, her father did to good a job. A staunch defender of communism, Red Saviour is a true patriot to her country even as the country changes around her. Inside her stubborn, passionate and fiery tempered persona, lies a little girl who still seeks her father's approval. Truly a hero of the people Red Saviour while believing in the power of the government, she truly cares about the downtrodden and believes that in a strong government while take care of it's people. Since being assigned to ECHO, she has begun plans to spread her message to the disfranchised of Atlanta by opening a Soup kitchen. During her tour of Atlanta with Victoria Victrix and Belladonna Blue, she engaged in a skirmish with criminals and reveled in the battle while showing compassion to a traumatized Victoria Victrix, though cautioning against ECHO employing Magic Users saying they should be destroyed.

From the SWC Website:

  • Natalya, the daughter of Red Saviour, the famous hero of the Great Patriotic War who co-founded the Super-Sobratiye Sovetskikh Revolutzionerov (CCCP to the Americans), has assumed both her father’s sobriquet and his mantle of leadership. Yet her fiery temper, Communist politics and draconian tendencies have made her controversial in modern Russia. When the Thule Society launches attacks across the world, she must battle both this new enemy and those in power who would see her fail.
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