Ramona Ferrari

Real Name

  • Ramona Ferrari

Code Name

  • None


  • Temporary Head of Echo's Non-powered personnel (Occasionally refered to as Mach-Ops)


MetaHuman Level

  • None - Human

MetaHuman Abilities

  • None - Human

Additional Skills

  • Investigation
  • Firearms


  • Ramona Ferrari was an ECHO Detective on the day of the Invasion, and found herself in Eisenfaust's cell with ECHO HQ was attacked. She survived not one, but two encounters with Valkyria, and ended up coaxing Level 4 Meta The Mountain out of hiding to help out. She then served as a liason to The Mountain after the Invasion, and due to a massive shortage of personnel, found herself defacto Head of Mach Ops. She is currently working underground with Overwatch and Bella on a plan to subvert power in ECHO from Verdigris

Misc. Information

  • Currently has crush on Mercurye, may be reciprocal
  • Trying to quit smoking
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