Real Name

  • Richard ‘Rick’ Poitier

Code Name

  • Mercurye


MetaHuman Level

  • Unknown

MetaHuman Abilities

  • Super speed
  • metahuman strength
  • Ability to walk on Air

Additional Skills

  • Encyclopedic knowledge of Sci-fi, especially Star Trek


From SWC Website:

Like many kids growing up in the wilds of Manassas, Virginia, Rick endured a latchkey lifestyle courtesy of two parents who worked full-time and expected their son to entertain himself. By second grade, Rick preferred Lego bricks and VHS tapes of original Star Trek episodes to sports and hanging out after school, which didn’t help his reputation in high school. Lanky, fluent in Klingon, and incredibly awkward, he would race home after school to avoid the beatings that the other geek-kids endured.

Rick didn’t experience the metahuman shift until his first year at George Mason University. In escaping a pair of would-be muggers on his way home from the premiere of Star Trek VI, Rick took off down an icy stretch of sidewalk and found himself two miles from campus in just under a minute. The next semester, Rick dropped out of college to enlist with Echo and finish his training. He moved to Atlanta shortly after his twenty-first birthday and spends his time away from Echo collecting Star Trek: The Next Generation memorabilia.

Misc. Information

  • Used as a Messanger during the Invasion for Alex Tesla while the Comms were down
  • Currently trapped in Metis
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