Matthew March


Real Name

  • Mathew March


  • ECHO

MetaHuman Level

  • Unknown

MetaHuman Abilities

  • Advanced Precognition


  • Matthew March was a precognisant of such power that his view of the futures paralyzed him to near catatonia. Although he himself only appeared in one episode, his prophecies he left behind has had probably the greatest impact on the plot of any item. Collectively known as the "Ides of March," they were written by him before the Seraphym took his life to ease his suffering. These prophecies, which were transposed by Fata Morgana's Administrative Assistant, were intercepted by Victoria Victrix and given to the CCCP, who has been using them to try to gain an edge against the Thulians.

Misc Information

  • Only appearance is in Season 01, Episode 8: Aftermath
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