John Murdock

Real Name: John Murdock

Affiliation: None (Formerly U.S. Government)

MetaHuman Level: Unclassified (Possible Level 2)

MetaHuman Abilities: Fire Manipulation and generation enabling limited flight. artificially enhaced Physique enabling increased strength, reflexes and durability.\\

From the SWC Website:

Former test subject for a government-funded super-soldier project, John Murdock is little more than a fugitive. Once a proud soldier with a distinguished career, John was inducted into one of the many rumored “Meta-soldier” projects. Surgical procedures, cybernetics, and training he underwent were designed to create loyal, meta-human soldiers for the use of America’s armed forces in conflicts abroad (and even domestically). Flagged for a previously unrecognized, inherent meta-human characteristic, John went through even more brutal training until he became “uncooperative”, and was “dismissed” from the Project. What followed is known to very few; the only concrete facts are that John is no longer affiliated with the United States government in any way, and there is no trace of the Facility where he had been experimented on.

A self-described anarchist, he answers to no man and no institution. Still, fearing for his life and the safety of his family, he remains on the run, staying below the radar and living a simple,spartan life. He travels from city to city, living as a vagrant, picking up cash-only, off-the-books jobs, and doing his best to be invisible. Of course, like so many others, his life changed dramatically the day that the invasion arrived.

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