Handsome Devil


Real Name

  • Klaus Cotton


MetaHuman Level

  • Mach 1

MetaHuman Abilities

  • Manipulation of Probability field.
    • Handsome Devil's Power gives him incredible luck. While his powers will place him in a more favorable postion, it doesn't neccesarily place him in any less danger.
  • Limited Durability
  • Limited rengeneration.


  • With powers like Handsome Devil's one would take advantage, and Handsome Devil did. Why work when things went your way? Handsome Devil joined ECHO for less than honorable reasons, But, Since joining ECHO Handsome Devil found that there's more to world than taking it easy. and that ECHO will give him the oppurtunity to see how often the odds will go in his favor.

Misc Information

  • First appearance in S01, E02: The Luck of the Devil
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