Dominic Verdigris

Real Name

  • Dominic Verdigris III (see Corrections)



  • Self-identified villian.
  • Current owner/leader of Blacksnake
  • Current owner/leader of Echo
  • Possible Meta-human with super-intelligence

Misc Information

  • First appeared in Season 2, Episode 1: Verdigris
  • Has 4 sharks, each named for one of the three stooges: Larry, Curly, Moe, and Shemp
  • Owns compound at Gulf of Thailand
  • Outside Echo and Blacksnake, owns 8 companies including his own holding company, Verdigris Dynamics. Owns a wide variety of shadow companies.


  • While the podcasts initially refer to him as the Dominic Verdigris VIII, it is officially in the books and the later podcasts as "Dominic Verdigris III".
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