Contrayer Zone

Real Name

  • Unknown


  • a.k.a. Leader of the Pack


MetaHuman Level

  • Mach 2

MetaHuman Abilities

  • ability to communicate with Kanines
  • ability to enhance Kanines natural ability
  • Suspected telepathic communication with kanines, though Zone will hear none of it.


  • Kanine Training
  • Sign Language

Pack members

  • Bowser (Bullmastiff)


  • Survived the Thullian Attack while helping with search and rescue on I-285, his Bullmastiff, Bowser, helped save Handsome Devil from being crushed by a Mustang weilding Death Sphere. He has played a key role in several assaults since, though has yet to be featured in an episode.

Misc Information

First appearance in S01, E02: The Luck of the Devil

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