Ascendant: Hi. Is this NC Soft?
Ascendant: Great. My name is Ascendant.
Ascendant: No, with an 'A'. D-A-N-T.
Ascendant: Great. Can I speak to whoever is in charge over there?
Ascendant: I don't understand… How can you not know who's in charge?
Ascendant: ((hold music)) - - and young and lovely, The girl from Ipanema goes walking, And when she - -
Ascendant: Hello? Yes, I'm still here.Can I speak to - -
Ascendant: ((hold music)) - - But I watch her so sadly, how can I tell her I lov - -
Ascendant: Hello? Yes, I'm still here. I was trying to speak to - -
Ascendant: ((hold music)) - - and tan, and young, and lovely, the girl fro - -
Ascendant: Look, please stop putting me on hold.
Ascendant: Thank you. Alright, I just heard something about you shutting down the city?
Ascendant: Wait, that's true?  How can you even do that? Are you supervillians or something?
Ascendant: Right… Ok… Sure…
Ascendant: What the hell is a 'realignment of company focus'?
Ascendant: Uh huh… I guess… right…
Ascendant: No, that still doesn't make any sense.
Ascendant: Look, let me explain something to you.
Ascendant: I've spent every day of the past 8 years trying to save this city from disaster.
Ascendant: I stood up when the Rikti first invaded, and I've never stopped trying to fight for its survival.
Ascendant: Along the way, I made friends that I'll value for a lifetime.
Ascendant: I've had the benefit of being a part of their lives, and the tremendous honor of of having them in my life.
Ascendant: Together, we've had spectacular adventures, and made amazing accomplishments.
Ascendant: We've inspired people to do good.
Ascendant: We've righted wrongs.
Ascendant: We've righted wrongs.
Ascendant: We've stopped countless threats.
Ascendant: But, most importantly, we've reminded people that when they look to the skies, they can always find hope.
Ascendant: I'll be damned if I'm going to let you take away the whole city.
Ascendant: To that end, I will make it my solem vow that I absolutely will not rest unt - -
Ascendant: .. hello?
Ascendant: …I can't believe he just hung up on me…
Ascendant: …I mean, who even does that?
Ascendant: How big of a jerk do you have to be to shut someone down just when they're getting to the good part?
Ascendant: ((Do your part to save the City - - Sign the petition at

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