Alex Tesla


Real Name

  • Alex Tesla



  • The Great-Nephew of the famous Nikola Tesla, Alex was the head of ECHO from 1986 to his death. While having no tactical expertise, his business savvy helped ECHO become profitable and helped Nikola's dream of Broadcast power come ever closer to reality.

During the Invasion, he was targeted and paralyzed temporarily by Doppelgaenger, posing as Doc Bootstrap. After fighting off the effects of the drugs, he helped organize the counter-attack and sent people out to Atlanta's Perimeter (I-285). Afterwards, Alex's ability to lead diminished as the prophecies of Matthew March weighed heavily upon him. This slow decline in leadership continued until his assassination by Harmony proceeding Verdigris' hostile takeover of ECHO.

Misc Information

  • First Appeared Season 01, Episode 07: Fading Echoes
  • Died Season 04, Episode 13: Precipice, Part Three
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